Thursday, April 27, 2006


Now I am a self-proclaimed movie guru…traced back to when in Uni I was consulted on what movies to borrow or catch at the theatre. Any trivia related to movies was always thrown at me and I rarely disappointed.

But in all that acclaim I have always harbored a deep dark secret…I had never watched ANY of the Star Wars movies. To make it worse I was not ashamed…and nor was I in a hurry. I made prequel jokes! I ridiculed all those crazy nuts that queued for tickets especially those in 1997 who made Lucas rich again by watching previously released movies.

So, inspired by 'Apprentice' Season IV- where there was this task where they were to promote the final episode. Randall a Harvard Graduate and Rhodes Scholar (Winner Apprentice IV) seemed so in tune with the whole genre…he was all “this is the most important episode where good turns evil…where Anakin turns into Darth Vader…”

And I was like Dayum…LAZIMA! So I went to my DVD guy in the street (No one can replace you Maitha!) and got me a 6 in 1 DVD.

VERDICT: I so totally get it! Move over Lord of the Rings: Star wars is the Ultimate movie Experience!!!

Now the problem with a Couch Tato is he'll prolly like everything he watches...but this is not the case.

1. It set standards so high in movie making even watching a 76 production doesn’t even hurt. It was what T2 and Matrix was in its day…and in fact Lucas’s Industrial Lights Company is what has brought Visual effects to life from T2, MUMMY…all pay homage to Lucas. Lucas invented special effects I tell you. That light saber (please make the sound effect with me!) The whole Composite effect originated not only from Star Wars but FOR Star Wars! From Aliens…Abyss…Jurassic Park...Perfect Storm they went calling to Lucas!

2. The storyline had me at hello! Luke, Yoda(my favorite) Darth, Hans, Leia, Obi Wan, Anakin, Quigon, Padme, Count Dooku, Windu….and the Emperor-the Ultimate Sith! Darth Sidious!
This is a fairy tale with mythic proportions-a tale that shall stand the test of time.
Characters with such personalities that shall forever live with you…not to forget R2D2 and C3PO.

The politics behind the senate and the entire empire...

The Force!

The Dark Side!

3. Did I tell you how I love Yoda…oh and his perfect English? Oh and the fight between him and Count Dooku….

4.Oh and Yoda's Quotes:

"Powerful you have become, the dark side I sense in you."

"Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will."

"Always two there are, no more, no less: a master and an apprentice."

"When 900 years you reach, look as good, you will not."

5. Anakin Skywalker turning into Darth Vader-WOW WOW! With the fight scene with his Mentor Obi Wan Kanobi leaving him limbless and burned... If you are on the 'bilas' Train get u some Star Wars!

6. Who can ever forget Darth Vader “Luke. I am your Father!

Star Wars to me has shown me a side to movies and story telling I had totally ignored. It’s a work of genius. Classic tale of Good and Evil. Fear being a resulting factor in one’s destiny towards the dark side!

If you haven’t watched Star Wars, I BEG you to. I totally understand why this is the most successful movie franchise…Why each Movie opened at number one and majority dominated the box office for that year including the re-released version.!

And my recommendation start halfway like the story was intended to be told!

Episode IV: A New Hope, Episode V: Empire Strikes Back, Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Episode II: Attack of the Clones and finally Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

May the Force be with you!

Monday, April 17, 2006


now i kno Post is dedicated to the Patron saint of TV

HBO, a station that set standards in TV production. Breaking the rules, inventing some along the way and leaves a trail of highly memorable characters. The difference that sets apart programmes produced by HBO is ORIGINALITY!!!!!! Not to mention full nudity, gay themes, graphic fight scenes, violence, morbid sense of humor…and all this is in one show!

Cast aside form the other networks where common plots have been over played. Enough of medical drama’s and legal drama’s and Paranormal … Away from Cops and Robbers and School scenarios…lets just get down to raw drama in a NEW AND DIFFERENT situation and work with it till you squeeze every last drop out of it. Enter HBO with a whole array of never seen before drama!

Again unlike the other Networks where a season runs between 20-24 episodes, HBO’s are usually fewer episodes ranging to as little as 8 in OZ to as many as 18 in Sopranos. At the end of each brief season you are left pleasurably exhausted, for each episode is packed with so much detail and intensity more than a Smallville Season especially the first 2.

Some may argue that they are usually slow, taking too long too peak. But the thing is HBO doesn’t fight for ratings its priority is the Story and the Plot. So they have all the time they need, and that’s why you will notice episodes running up to an hour. It's quality that counts…and hence in most cases they are always screaming “EMMY NOMINATION!” or “GOLDEN GLOBES”

There are many programmes I won't mention e.g Sex and the City or Curb your Enthusiasm that I'm trying to appreciate...or the newer drama centred along a polygamous man with 3 wives in Big Love...but these are my all time favourites in HBO:


The first ever hour long drama. Oh, if you have watched OZ I need not go further into details. Graphic, Raw, Intense with splashes of humor. Never before was there a Prison Drama like this and there will never be one. Not even Prison Break could come close.

Every episode was narrated by Augustus Hill…. Each character’s crime was flash backed…the criminals were divided up in groups: Irish, Blacks, Muslims, Italians, Fags, Aryan Brotherhood...

From Gen Pop, Emerald City, The Hole, Solitary, J Unit for arrested cops…we loved each and every character. From the likes of Beecher, Alvarez, Karim, Poet, Schillinger, McManus, Warden Glen, the cute Spanish Doctor, Busmalis, O’ Reilly brothers, Sister Pete….

Surprisingly a season was only 8episodes except for season 3 that had 13…but even with less than 70 episodes we knew each character by detail. That’s the beauty of OZ! So much attention was given to characters, their history and background. Storylines were packed with suspense and graphic violence that was a first in TV.

Memorable moments. Adebisi’s head cap that seem to be stuck on by glue. Adebisi screwing Chebeda’s son, the Italian Mob boss-ouch! O’reilly orchestrating the death of
Dr Nathan’s husband. O’Reilly and Adebisi putting glass in Chebeda’s food that eventually killed him. Luke Perry’s (90210) character, a reverend, being buried alive. The cop who’s Achilles Heel was sliced! The undercover cop (Lt. Daniels in "Wire") who got hooked onto drugs and killed an inmate to maintain cover.

Notably some actors from this series went on to WIRE, SOPRANOS and LOST and are doing pretty well for this HBO first!


OH you cannot fail to love the totally morally irreprehensible Tony Soprano. Story line evolves around his family and his loyal wife who in season 4 up and leaves his treacherous, murderous, adulterous self. He is totally involved in the mafia-takes over business from his weaker uncle behind his back. Now this show doesn’t sterotype the mafia. It portrays the little details that we take for granted that these are real people trying to get by the best way they know how. They are not necessarily brutal or gangster as a weakness but as a survival technique.

It starts with the memorable “Duck” dream that begins his psychotic breakdown and his therapy sessions with Dr Melfi. (And you wonder why no one sued “Analyze this” that has the same storyline)

In the beginning it was a bit slow and took some patience following it up. But when it picked it was worth every rented DVD! Excellent characters were brought in including his crazy sister…and her involvement with Tony’s friend. His whacky mom who passed on in season 2 (also in real life.) She was something alright. Joe Pantoliano was wonderful in season 3 and so was his death. We can’t forget his hit men, his consigilieri’s.

The infidelities, him having that affair with the Mercedes Sales Girl, and the one legged Russian. His kids. His nephew and his girlfriend. (Did u realize she is now acting in “Joey”?)

Six Feet Under.

Only HBO could get away with a dysfunctional Fischer family that happens to run a pretty successful funeral parlour. Very original. Where the B Story of each episode revolves around the death of someone. Such that we are shown how someone died, the years the lived, and the process of preparing the body and the funeral procedure. A memorable death includes one where some sicko was jerkin off watching porn whilst biting on a lemon wedge and hanging himself of a belt and accidentally killed himself.

There is an almost psychotic mother who is so uptight and rigid and who had had an affair. The Dad, who gets killed in a graphic car accident in the beginning of the show, he usually appears in a ghost form to each member of the family. Nate, the irresponsible son dating the highly intelligent Brenda. Brenda is extremely complicated and a sex-addict. Her brother, an artist, who loves her so much to a suicidal/homicidal state…who is also dating Nate’s Sister. David, Nate’s closeted Gay brother, who runs the business with a tight fist, totally anal retentive, dating a black cop. And there is their little sister who does drugs sleeps around. Last but not least is Federico who started of as an apprentice in the morgue but slowly wants to be part of their family and eventually even becomes a paartner in the company.

Great show! Sense of humor is sharp and witty. Storylines flow gently and beautifully, a masterpiece.


Now there is the SHIELD and then there is the WIRE. There is a great shag and there is making love. That’s the difference. Shield is great, fierce and quick to the point! However, the WIRE can actually be greater because it takes its time. The story evolves, grows, intensifies with every minute…there is no ending to this joyous ride…surely something this good can never end…so you keep watching and watching. From the cops to the Barksdale family, to the middlemen in the street…the aim is to build the story and the characters such that when you reach climax-boy oh boy it was worth the ride and the wait!

The whole concept of “the wire” involves placing wire taps into nearby Phone booths and listening for evidence that was in season 1. Whilst in season 3 it was placing wires on disposable mobile phones. It is a whole cat and mouse chase, good vs. bad, trying to destroy the drug trade. Actually it’s not so much about the cops as it is about the Drug trade and the politics entangled behind it all, corruption and bribery....

Season 1 and 3 were the greatest! Season 2 was a bit slow.

Memorable scenes: The killing of STRINGER BELL in season 3…I have never seen something so intense like that on TV. RAW INTENSITY! So fresh in style…a scene in season one was comprised of the word “fuck” uttered like over 50 times in different intonation that each enunciation told the details of the crime scene. The act lasted like 2-3 minutes a true classic moment of WIRE.

YUMMY doesn’t even begin to describe!


A newer addition to HBO. No need for History classes when the story is so vividly told. The series is almost intoxicating like good wine. Centered around Julius Caesar, Pompae, Marc Anthony and the like of Kinky Atia…AS well ass two loyal brave Soldiers Vorenus and Pullo. Again HBO cannot go wrong on this! Great Cas
t. Great writing!


Already two seasons down, this show is totaly hot. Revolving around a fictional celebrity Vince Chase and his loser brother, Johnny. Best friend who is also his manager, Eric and their their other friend Turtle. Of noteable mention is the their Agent Ari Gold played by Jeremy Piven who is outstanding.

Loosely based on the real life of Mark Wahlberg who has a similar entourage and also a real life Agent called Ari who's real life clients appear in the show as Guest Stars. If you like the insides of hollywood this is a show for you. Witty! Interesting and will keep you glued to your seat! It's beauty is in its simplicity in telling of the story.