Sunday, April 25, 2010

Modern Family

The 'Tato has watched plenty of comedy. It's quite difficult to have a tv series that has the 'tato in stitches. Either it's the same old joke or the 'tato sees the joke a mile away! Ideally the tato, prefers jokes within a joke. The kind that are hidden in spoofs. You need to know the first joke to get the second so as to laugh at the third joke. Or a joke that sneaks up on you-like a deer caught at the headlights! Wham-instant laughter! Take 30 Rock or Family Guy-you have to be in the know to appreciate nor do you see the joke coming!

Tato has discovered a new gem. Modern Family. Simple ,white, family humor brought home! It's clean too! Your regular common sit-com affords you a simple smile or occasional show of teeth. Most sit-coms just have one joke the entire 20 minutes e.g. Everybody Hates Chris. With Modern Family you are guaranteed to burst out in laughter. It's cheap. It's in your face. It's damn funny!

Comprising of 3 'modern' families that are all related. They push all the regular TV stereotypes (actually all) to the limit and it works perfectly. Regular life situations (hence the sit in sit-com) are well portrayed and nothing is outlandish or unrealistic.

Family 1: Mom and Dad married for 15 years. A totally hot but blonde daughter, who is dating an even blonder boyfriend. Another geeky/nerdy brainy daughter. The last born- a weird, 'special,' and gullible son. The dad thinks he is uber cool trying to relate to his kids in what he calls ''peer-enting.''

The mum is an overprotective nutjob as well.

Family 2. An old, rich guy who has re-married your stereotypical 'trophy' wife way way younger than he is. She is spanish and has a spanish chubby kid who has his own funny issues.

Family 3: Two gay guys who have adopted a vietnamese child. Cameron is a hoot!

Cameron has the best one liners!

All the characters get enough airtime. Everyone is a star on this show. You don't feel like there are main actors and supporting actors. The kids in the show get so much air-time. It's a family show after all and it's delightful that the kids are not relegated to the background. In fact it's the kids you will love, almost the same way we did in Malcolm in the middle.

Same team that brought you Just Shoot Me. One of my favorite comedies of last decade.

Catch it! Watch it and before soon you will be re-watching it!!! The chemistry between all the characters is believable and hilarious!

This scene was the funniest ever... called the moon landing!!

Manny (on the left) and Cameron (above) are my favorite characters! Both chubby with issues!