Thursday, December 18, 2008

SCYLLA and Prison Break Season 4

At episode 15, everything seems to have been turned around.
"Not everything is as it seems"

So it appears that Michael had a convenient revelation during his neurosurgery( done under very non-sterile grounds. Hmm Dr. Tencredi should know better than just walking into a theatre in thug-clothes.)... And maybe after all Scylla is a good thing?

Should we fall for the fact that the COMPANY is a good thing? All the evil and murder...

And what was that drug "series" that has been injected into Michael...has he been brainwashed?
And if that procedure was carried out on his mum is she alive?
and what the hell is TOMBSTONE that has Burrows acting as the General's BITCH?!

This season has been excellent, I will admit. SPOILERS:
-It's sad that Bellick got killed. Irony was he sacrificed his life after he was such an ass!
-The comp geek died
-and so did the BLACK bad guy is also dead

Season 4 has been back to back...though at episode 15 we can tell the story is changing. Sucre has called it quits. Alex is on the run again. Lincoln is working for the Company. And Michael recovering from his surgery has a new theory on SCYLLA!

I've really liked Gretchen! She so kicks ass.

T-Bag a.k.a Cole Pfeiffer has not disappointed so far!

Michael Rappaport is also wonderful as DON SELF!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Quantum of Solace

Reason I don't like doing Bond reviews is that I was a Pierce Brosnan fan-die hard...though I still cannot decide Connery, Moore or Brosnan. However, my tato self and thousand of celluloid hours only remembers Brosnan more and this Craig seems to be messing everything up for me.

Surprisingly I had given Casino Royale a fair review way back then...and since my fans (all two of you) have asked here is this review.

1. First of all I repeat, I get the whole Backstreet "lets go back...way back!" I get the whole this is Bond before Bond. Before the gadgets...before the women...I get the whole Eric Benet "love don't love me"-hell-bent on being a ruthless brut. I get it all. But I strictly don't see these as the roots Bond, James Bond.

This isn't Spiderman revealed slow...where we slowly get to see Spiderman evolve. No, this ain't Smallville where we deliciously watch Lex Luthor evolve. This is more of a revolution, devolution whatever is the opposite of evolution that would have Charles Darwin reconsider his theories.

2. Evolution?
However assuming there is more to come..if evolution is what we are seeing N.B with an even older M ( Love you Ms Judi Dench...) I still don't envision where all of this is leading too.
-How the hell does a sequel...a direct sequel not contribute anything to this concept?
-Instead of understanding this Bond more...I hate him more....
Where does this all lead to? In Star Wars prequels we longed for when good turns evil with the birth of Darth Vader!
This Bond has been rebranded...I refuse to believe this is Evolution.

3. So what does the Tato have against this brut?
-he makes Ethan in Mission Impossible look like a better Bond.
-he reminds me of Jeniffer Garner in Elektra and Ben Affleck in DareDevil and those are not movies you want to remember
-he has the making of Jack Bauer and we all know there is only one Bauer (look out for season 7 btw!)
-simply put he is not the BOND I want. Not the one I grew up watching.

4. Hyper-editing.
Yup I got that from a review I read and I agreed. I love me some fast action with senseless speeds. Shield always delivered those hand held camera chase scenes. I learned to appreciate such was worth living for. But that first scene was just too much. I didn't even see the car/s. Casino Royalle had a really great first chase scene and I don't see why they felt they had to feel challenged to rival that...when they could have done better in other scenes.

5. Sequel
Why didn't anyone tell me this was a direct sequel? A bond sequel? Are you for that the reason it sucked? Maybe if it wasn't a sequel it would have been a whole lot better?

6. Bond Theme?
I didn't even like this all! Evidently even last time I was screaming "bloody murder"
about that same point. Shame on you Alicia Keys and the other person you sung it with!

7. Bond Gadgets?
Yeah what about them? How would I review them when I didn't see any!

8. Bond Girls? we are being told this was Bond before Bond. So yeah forget the Bikini's...forget the lusciousness...Evolution...Not this Bond.
And that Love making scene...for a Bond hurt by love he sure is doing fine. (and no that is not the point...that's not how he became BOND!)
Again where is Money Penny?

9. So...

We are expected to digest this unpalatable dish. Embrace a new cooking style...a new plate...a new spoon for eating spaghetti...a different chef...a new dish served shaken AND stirred.

10. Bond Quotes. more Bond, James Bond no more Shaken not Stirred...

RATING: 5/10...cause of the time I spent but it's I who should get a lesser rating for watching it in the first place.

At the end of the day:
Lousy action
Lousy story---blah blah blah running renegade...bluh bluh is that Bauer...bluh bluh bluh revenge and breaking all the rules.
No element of surprise and cheap thrills...

Quantum of Crap!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Shield Season 7

MMMM cop shows never got this brutal and raw!

I've reviewed this show before and I am here to usher in the 7th season which might also be last season. Vic Mackey is at his A-game full of lies, deceit, underhanded scrupulous evil and blackmail. He knows how to survive and how to use people-the end justifies the means. A corrupt path to Justice.

His collaborations with his enemies raises quite a few eyebrows like with Councillor-man and former captain Aceveda...what will these two gain from this mutually exclusive almost parasitic relationship?
And now Shane? Sworn to destroy his former friend Shane for killing Lem...he has had to put his pride down and start working together albeit cautiously.

I had read somewhere that this is the last season and I am watching each gem like it were the last.

This show was well created. Vic Mackey is one of TV's S.O.B's and we love him for that.

Entourage Season 5 ep 1&2

This is one of those H.B.O shows that had no promise...or rather did not seem to have any promise yet blew audiences away. Based on a fictional actor Vince Chase and his entourage comprised of his best friend Eric, his brother-has-been- actor Johnny, other best pal Turtle...and best of all their agent Ari Gold. Revolves around this friendship and the Hollywood celebrity lifestyle that comes with living in the spotlight of fame and fortune.
(Losely based on the real life story of Mark Wahlberg and his entourage)

It is such an easy to watch show. Laughter, sex, and builds up extremely well for such a short -length show.

Season 5 picks up smack from the movie premiere of "Medellin" (pronounced Meddy-ian.) Specialising on Independent movies Vince made the much anticipated movie of the year "Medellin" and surprisingly it bombed. Poor reviews on acting and directing.

Vince is desperate for an acting gig and needs to bounce back.
Eric is busy running his "Murphy Group" with a client base of 2.
Johnny is in a long distance relationship and struggling with his hit TV show.
Turtle..well is still Turtle struggling between the ocassional lay and beating his meat.

Episodes are roughly 25 minutes long.
It's not a sit-com its not a drama.
It's a master piece.
Catch season 1-4 and enjoy this ride
Great casting,great writing.
Great cameos from real celebrities.

TAGLINE: Let's hug it out, bitch.

My favorite character is Ari Gold preciously played by Jeremy Piven:
overconfident, selfish and self centred...
he is loud and arrogant...
uncouth, abrasive and snide
his choice curse phrases are sheer nasty...from "cunt muscle" to "cunt bucket"
his love-hate relationship with his secretary is endearing
nasty come backs, nasty one liners...

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Prison Break Season IV: Ep 1-2

Undoubtedly the TV seasons are back!! ...and what a way to begin new seasons than with Prison Break.

It's off to a quick usual a few explanations are sorted out in the premiere episode and we get off running ...actually more like a 100m dash. No time to waste (evidently the writers are no longer on strike)
The pace is set. And from the get-go we know that this season involves trying to take down THE COMPANY as opposed to breaking out from a Prison. The plot revolves( so far) obtaining a card(s) that has info on THE COMPANY. The card(s) is/are called "scylla"

Episode 2 is so intense for a moment I thought I was watching 24.

This season has the suspense of season 1 and 3 rolled up together to make a powerful season 4 that's to be reckoned with.

So far:

-Sarah Tancredi is back ...clearly she is no longer pregnant hence she has been written back into the main story line. Well she returns the love-story line between her and Michael...I preferred her dead I think she is dead weight...and we don't need a love-story when dealing with action.

-Michael Rappaport (last seen in Boston Public and Dating Phoebe in Friends) appears as a detctive blackmailing Scoffied and Burrows to cooperate in taking down the COMPANY...and the old crew is recruited as well.

-Whistler...has been killed and so far the viscious vilanious vixen from last season has been "shot dead"...till she re=appears in episode 2.

-The Bros are working together with Mahone, Bellick and Sucre. I still love Bellick but right now he has been reduced to a bumbling fool... I liked him back then when he was raw and unrefined. A desperate dictator turned into a chubby, pathetic, helpless being running for his mama...with his breasts dancing up and down.

-A few extra characters have been added ...the new guy-Cress Williams (he who was dating Khadija in Living Single) is probably the new Villain like Mahone was or the other bad guy who turned good...what was his name again Paul Kellerman?

Precious Moment:
T-Bag stole the show with his cannibalism moment. Munching on his sumptuous chubby pal to save himself from death via starvation...enjoying himself a piece of roast in the desert sun across the border.

Stranger: Did you have some bad mexican?
Tea-Bag: (retching) yeah ...something like that!

T-Bag still contains the key that will enable the Bros to unlock the mystery within the "Scyllar" once the obtain all 6 cards.

Definitily a must-watch!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

30 Rock

My My ...this show falls together with Friends, Family Guy, Malcolm in the Middle, Golden Girls as one of my best Comedies of all time.
Especially season 1. Thou that has no sense of humor would hate this show. But the double entendres, the jokes within jokes ...this is well written and hilarious. Real life jokes. Celebrity it it's here.

Funniest SITCOM around!!!!! An Emmy award winning show...with numerous awards for both Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, writing and as a comedy series.

Based on the writing team and acting team behind a fictional live show.

Surprisingly Tina Fey was a head writer for Saturday Night Live so its like a situational comedy about the real goings on behind such a live show.

ALEC BALDWIN: Now his character of Jack Donaghy is the funniest ever. If Alec Baldwin died today that would be his best role ever! BEST ROLE EVER. and may he win an Emmy for that.
Oh and he has been dating high profile players like Condoleeza Rice...Jack.

Jenna Maroney...just when you thought the stereotype of a blonde slut had been comes a new millennium slut. Damn ...a point she started adding weight and advertised a perfume for plus-size women Enorme! Damn where do they get this jokes from?
Plus her dead-beat acting career doing musical like "con air." My God, and her defunct movie debut in Grisham's brother's movie "The rural juror"

Funniest thing on earth. Reeks of an NBC production!

Oh and in season 1 there was this lady who recurred but as different have to watch to understand.

The casting and writng is genius. And the guest cameos are brilliant. From Jerry Seinfeld, Al Gore, David Scwhimmer...list is endless as it is priceless.

The show is Super!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Boston Legal.

David E. Kelly has penned some of the best TV programmes in my Tato Life. From Chicago Hope, L.A Law, Boston Public, Ally McBeal, Picket Fences, The Practice... and now comes Boston Legal.

Many had told me to watch Boston Legal and frankly I was skeptical about starting up another Legal Drama. Tato darn watched plenty of Legal dramas.

But Boston Legal is different. Its humorous. Granted that majority of the legal cases are near always won in favor of the cast. Its different and entertaining.

William Shatner as Denny Crane: a self centred, self absorbed lawyer who is a has-been in the legal fraternity and is slowly losing his mind. Basically he is a nut! Has his moments of brilliance that are shadowed by his moronic moments.

James Spader as Alan Shore: A self-centered, over-confident, arrogant lawyer who knows he is great and makes no apologies for it. The perfect bastard!

Candice Bergen as Shirley Schmidt: Cold, direct and no-nonsense. After all she is SCHMIDT! It's good seeing her after such a long time away from Murphy Brown.

Very reminiscent of Ally McBeal in its legal cases and even jokes at times outlandish. The friendship between Alan and Denny reminds me of Frasier.

The show has great one-liners.
It's funny. Light heated and rarely preachy.
It's a must see...takes getting used to but after getting used to the characters, you're hooked.

A lot of recycled actors from previous Kelly shows.

And the main actors also do get written off...remember when the entire cast of Chicago Hope was fired.

Betty White plays such an adorable character in Season out for her.

Breaking Bad

Yeah the Tato has a few gems that he has got himself addicted to.

Of which one is "Breaking Bad" starring none other than Bryan Cranston. A great actor previously on "Malcolm in the Middle."

Currently nominated for an Emmy 2008 for this role. He is a fine actor and I hope he wins for this.

A high school Chemistry Teacher with a part time job at a car wash.
A new baby on the way.
Struggling financially, professionally and unfortunately now medically.
Diagnosed with Stage 3A Lung cancer his life he has to make ends meet to pay his bills and hopefully leave his family with some cash once he dies.

With his Chemistry skills he teams up with a former student of his to make Crystal-Meth. His cooking skills (reffered to as Artistic Skills) produces high quality 99.1% pure Methamphetamine...

An odd duo. A punk drop out kid and a geeky chemistry teacher teaming up to cook Meth. Cooking Meth in an R.V or in the basement all to meet supply.

There is demand...but it's such a dirty market.

The first Season has 7 episodes. Totally enthralling. Feels like HBO yet its not!

Starting off with the murder of two local distributors of Meth and the way the two dispose off the bodies is chillingly cold!

A must watch!

Classic moments:
When he quits his job and tells his employer "Fuck you and your eyebrows!"

Trying to dissolve a human body with Hydrofluroic Acid-Classic.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


If there was a local Kenyan show to be addicted to this would be it. It's the best we have. Over the years local productions have always been stereotyped and stereocast but this programme has always remained fresh and surprisingly entertaining.

The cast has a fantastic dialogue. I have always insisted the key to a programme is the screenplay followed by the storyline. Rarely do you have ten minute pauses within each sentence uttered or cheap incidental music to occupy time and dialogue. There is a smooth flow in acting unlike other local programmes where you can tell one is waiting to deliver the next line. We need spontanous flow...perhaps its bad directing as opposed to bad writing...but we never care since we shall always dismiss it as "typical of Kenyan progs."

I watched "Mother in Law" that premiered this Sunday and I do not see this show lasting very long. Again we have familiar faces that have been recycled into this new show. Cheap dialogue and their flow between english and swahili was not smooth leave alone natural. Why would someone cast an actor from "Better Days" and not want to hire fresh faces? So if "Better days" returns what happens?

I'm I the only that sees the folly in recycling?

Citizen has made an effort to promote and produce local shows...but none stands in comparison to Tahidi High. Besides the writing, I think the cast does an amazing job. The likes of "Omosh" to the bad boys "OJ" and "Freddie" ..."Principal Morgan"..."Joni"...though some are recycled products of French Cultural Centre- they are nonetheless not common on T.V and play their roles very well.

Kudos to Tahidi High and the entire team. It is fresh and funny. Oozes originality and plenty of potential. Only loophole is this is a High School Drama and time factor is usually the worst thing to happen to a show running on an actual time line. So what happens to the star-characters of the show when they finish High School?

Friday, January 18, 2008

Two Gems

Yes in this time of "plenty of time at home" one needs a movie or two. An 11 o'clock movie and a late afternoon movie. Two good gems that need not take you to the theatre... cell phones switched off, curtains drawn...stewing in your own filth whilst gobbling junk food.

A movie gem a.k.a a "K.B.C movie" is a movie that you have no faith in,or knew very little about but somehow there you are having started it...caught up in it... and ends up entertaining you nonetheless.


It's a sweet feel-good movie. One of the reasons to watch it is just the sheer fact that Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson share a screen together.

Story is rather slow...two cancer patients total strangers become best of friends in their last days on earth. They compile a shared "bucket list." Which by definition is a list of things to do before you kick the bucket. And the movie chronicles their friendship and journeys through that bucket list.

This is your breakfast if riots/mass action/civil disobedience or phase 1 of seeking justice has kept you home away from work. Having finished reading same old news of what people think is the way forward...don't mediate or refuse to negotiate with this movie...move on and watch this flick. Its not the greatest but its sure nice way to pass time.

Currently #1 in the U.S box office.

Jack Nicholson plays your regular sonofa.... quite well as he always does.But nothing beats him in A Few Good Men. Morgan Freeman the gentle friend alost reminiscent of Shawshank Redemption.

The Great Debaters

"We do what we have to do in order to do what we want to do."

Political Puns aside- this is a GREAT LINE!

A lot of noise has gone on about the Oprah Winfrey produced and Denzel directed movie.
It's good stuff...preferably your afternoon movie. Great acting from Denzel and Forrest Whitaker- damn y'all for not recognising his good work on The Shield

I think the younger cast was more inspiring. Its based in 1935 on a true story. About a team of College the end the interesting and quite apt topic of debate is " is civil disobedience a moral right?"

Nice to see Jurnee Smollet all grown up and looking fly.
As much as it was nominated best pic for golden globes...nuh...its a very good movie but not the greatest.
Think Dead Poet's Society meets Remember the Titans

So enjoy both.