Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Love from the TUBE

So the Day has come and gone and as much as it is influenced by western culture most of that influence comes through the tube…my fav darlin tube...which was my funny valentine.

So, my question to you is which movie has been the most romantic mushy mushy movie of your life time. We say romance is overstated, overplayed on the silver and big screen but were you to choose one which movie(s) would do it for you?

Did u fall for the “You had me at hello…you complete me” of Jerry Maguire. Did “love lift you up where you belong” in An Officer and a Gentleman with Richard Gere or Pretty Woman? Did Allen Payne washing Jada Pinkett’s feet by the lake side give you smooth ideas in Jason’s Lyric’s? Are you a Meg Ryan sucker for her diabetic movies from When Harry Met Sally through to Sleepless in Seattle...Coz I’ll admit I loved When a Man Loves a Woman. Or is Drew Barrymore your cup of tea? Bridget Jones was hilarious with her trials and tribulations...

Did “your heart go on” in the Titanic? Are u biased towards black Romantic movies: Love Jones? Best Man? Or you are an Eddie Murphy fanatic preferring Boomerang to Nutty Professor? Were all those Spike Lee Movies and John Singleton romantic movies? Cause I laugh at Poetic Justice and Higher Learning…same for Jungle Fever.

Is there a leading Black actor the likes of akina Clark Gable? Denzel? Wesley Snipes? What was that black guy in Casablanca? Is there a leading Black actress that does what Meg Ryan did for romantic movie? Nia Long? Jada Pinkett?

Do u succumb to those Oscar nominated classics: English Patient? Casablanca? Shakespeare in Love? As Good sa it Gets?

How bout Ed Harris proposing to Julia Roberts in StepMom?

Do big budget ACTION movies like Pearl Harbor, Armageddon, MR and MRS Smith get away with being romantic movies?

Yeah unleash your mushiest movie and if you want to go into TV shows e.g. the likes of North and South and Thorn Birds please feel free.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

24 Season 5:1-6

Ms K and Kenyanmusings each wanted a dildo for Christmas I suggest they get Season 5 of 24! Wow wowie you won’t see Palmers assassination coming! (Bet you did not see that spoiler coming either!) Damn-that’s the stuff good TV is made out of! In a world where almost every TV idea has been exhausted from Medical dramas to Legal dramas to Police dramas, this is an area that remains fresh and totally dominated by 24.

I have watched loads and loads of TV and honestly nothing compares to 24. No series has the intense suspense packed into it like 24 does. No series has every single episode as gripping as the last or better. IT gets better and better as it progresses without ever letting go. Your heart beats rapidly , blood pressure rises, pupils dilate, breathing becomes difficult…I keep saying if you are on heart medication-you are better off smoking and eating cholesterol laden meat…but stay clear off of 24.

I’m I saying it’s the best drama out there? Maybe. You can’t beat HBO’s drama’s like Rome/Oz/Wire/Soprano’s…even Lost holds it’s own and sometimes Alias comes close. But 24 is on a sweet league of its own from its uniqueness in style to its fast pace heck to its ring tones. Not to mention I’m always there “The following takes place between 9:00 am and 10:00 am” of course in season one I’d add “...on the day of the Carlifornia Presidential Primary!” I used to enter movie chat rooms on Yahoo with this line “My name is Jack Bauer and today is the longest day of my life!” and it would work wonders.

Time strapped that show wastes no time with character building you just get straight to the point. Terrorists are on the loose…we have only one day let’s get to it. Rarely do you have mushy mushy scenes. Just when you think you have things figured out the story turns and keeps turning. Alias is fast paced but the story line remains the same, unlike here where one thing leads to another and yet another. However, in season 5 it really has a different twist…not to mention the have really woven a nice story explaining how Jack returns.

Best thing on TV I will say. Totally addictive! Fantastic and Perfect! If you have never watched it, then you must not have any sense or friends in your life to influence you into such a couch tato worthwhile lesson.

After season 5, they are making 24 the Movie. As eager as I am, I’m a bit skeptical and actually worried that a movie could be the only thing that destroys the series. Honestly they should stick to T.V…but we shall be there and here to review it!