Wednesday, August 27, 2008

30 Rock

My My ...this show falls together with Friends, Family Guy, Malcolm in the Middle, Golden Girls as one of my best Comedies of all time.
Especially season 1. Thou that has no sense of humor would hate this show. But the double entendres, the jokes within jokes ...this is well written and hilarious. Real life jokes. Celebrity it it's here.

Funniest SITCOM around!!!!! An Emmy award winning show...with numerous awards for both Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, writing and as a comedy series.

Based on the writing team and acting team behind a fictional live show.

Surprisingly Tina Fey was a head writer for Saturday Night Live so its like a situational comedy about the real goings on behind such a live show.

ALEC BALDWIN: Now his character of Jack Donaghy is the funniest ever. If Alec Baldwin died today that would be his best role ever! BEST ROLE EVER. and may he win an Emmy for that.
Oh and he has been dating high profile players like Condoleeza Rice...Jack.

Jenna Maroney...just when you thought the stereotype of a blonde slut had been comes a new millennium slut. Damn ...a point she started adding weight and advertised a perfume for plus-size women Enorme! Damn where do they get this jokes from?
Plus her dead-beat acting career doing musical like "con air." My God, and her defunct movie debut in Grisham's brother's movie "The rural juror"

Funniest thing on earth. Reeks of an NBC production!

Oh and in season 1 there was this lady who recurred but as different have to watch to understand.

The casting and writng is genius. And the guest cameos are brilliant. From Jerry Seinfeld, Al Gore, David Scwhimmer...list is endless as it is priceless.

The show is Super!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Boston Legal.

David E. Kelly has penned some of the best TV programmes in my Tato Life. From Chicago Hope, L.A Law, Boston Public, Ally McBeal, Picket Fences, The Practice... and now comes Boston Legal.

Many had told me to watch Boston Legal and frankly I was skeptical about starting up another Legal Drama. Tato darn watched plenty of Legal dramas.

But Boston Legal is different. Its humorous. Granted that majority of the legal cases are near always won in favor of the cast. Its different and entertaining.

William Shatner as Denny Crane: a self centred, self absorbed lawyer who is a has-been in the legal fraternity and is slowly losing his mind. Basically he is a nut! Has his moments of brilliance that are shadowed by his moronic moments.

James Spader as Alan Shore: A self-centered, over-confident, arrogant lawyer who knows he is great and makes no apologies for it. The perfect bastard!

Candice Bergen as Shirley Schmidt: Cold, direct and no-nonsense. After all she is SCHMIDT! It's good seeing her after such a long time away from Murphy Brown.

Very reminiscent of Ally McBeal in its legal cases and even jokes at times outlandish. The friendship between Alan and Denny reminds me of Frasier.

The show has great one-liners.
It's funny. Light heated and rarely preachy.
It's a must see...takes getting used to but after getting used to the characters, you're hooked.

A lot of recycled actors from previous Kelly shows.

And the main actors also do get written off...remember when the entire cast of Chicago Hope was fired.

Betty White plays such an adorable character in Season out for her.

Breaking Bad

Yeah the Tato has a few gems that he has got himself addicted to.

Of which one is "Breaking Bad" starring none other than Bryan Cranston. A great actor previously on "Malcolm in the Middle."

Currently nominated for an Emmy 2008 for this role. He is a fine actor and I hope he wins for this.

A high school Chemistry Teacher with a part time job at a car wash.
A new baby on the way.
Struggling financially, professionally and unfortunately now medically.
Diagnosed with Stage 3A Lung cancer his life he has to make ends meet to pay his bills and hopefully leave his family with some cash once he dies.

With his Chemistry skills he teams up with a former student of his to make Crystal-Meth. His cooking skills (reffered to as Artistic Skills) produces high quality 99.1% pure Methamphetamine...

An odd duo. A punk drop out kid and a geeky chemistry teacher teaming up to cook Meth. Cooking Meth in an R.V or in the basement all to meet supply.

There is demand...but it's such a dirty market.

The first Season has 7 episodes. Totally enthralling. Feels like HBO yet its not!

Starting off with the murder of two local distributors of Meth and the way the two dispose off the bodies is chillingly cold!

A must watch!

Classic moments:
When he quits his job and tells his employer "Fuck you and your eyebrows!"

Trying to dissolve a human body with Hydrofluroic Acid-Classic.