Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Cheap Humor/Spoof Comedies

Many of you are out there, don't have a wicked imagination. Many seem to get offended or find it childish as regards to cheap humor! It takes loads to have a sense of humor and it takes even more to enjoy cheap humor. There are many types of jokes out there...but none takes the cake like good old fashioned slapstick cheap humor! Appreciation of cheap humor is a skill that must be honed especially for the uptight people who are used to more conventional jokes.

When you are a self proclaimed Couch Tato, it's even better when the cheap humor is derived from actual movies-hence creating SPOOF MOVIES. Cause not only do you re-affirm that you have watched many movies and can remember them..it makes the movie all the more enjoyable knowing where the joke came from, its origin...it's double meaning... it's like having an insider joke on a joke.

Cheap Humor is the kind that makes you spit coke through your nostrils. That makes you slap your knee,and shake your head saying 'Damn! Damn! Damn!' while breathing for air as tears roll down your cheeks. It stretches your imagination to unparalleled lengths..and singlehandedly such movies have been the source of my humor.

A field dominated by the Wayans Bros. Initially, Keenen Ivory Wayans had released the successful I'm gonna get you sucker! that spoofed Shaft and black super hero's of the earlier times. And not forgetting the succesful In Living Color comedy series that catapulted James Curry into the Jim Curry he is of today. This genre was perfected by the likes of Leslie Nielsen and Charlie Sheen (the King and Prince of Spoof respectively) in the 80's and 90's. Names like Mel Brooks and Jim Abrahams and David Zucker are also synonymous with this genre. If you remember Baseketball-a really silly movie with classic jokes would also fall in this cheap humor category but it spoofed sports... was helmed also by David Zucker. Funnily Jim Abrahams, David Zucker have worked on similar movies Hot Shots/Naked Gun and Zucker has directed Scary Movie 3 and next year will be doing Scary Movie 4.

I highly recommend each of these movies...remember it is nothing but cheap laughs so sit back and enjoy.


To me Scary Movie is my all time best Spoof. Many loathed it-many didn't find it funny! I thought this was the best of the best! Never has a spoof been so concentrated with scenes from actual movies...none will ever come close. A glorious celebration to all the movies it mocked and mimicked- a real JUSTICE!
Almost each scene was funny!
The humor was raw/toilet/cheap. Just the way it should be.

The Exorcist spoof in Scary Movie 2 is a classic with renowned James Woods. Not to mention cheap shots at the 2002 election/callista flockhart/hollowman spoof with Titanic was funny as hell.

Scary Movie 3 was milder and better than Scary Movie 2 and the addition of Charlie Sheen and Leslie Nielsen was an added advantage! It was more a white movie than Black ...but by golly there were tears rolling down these cheeks! From Ring to Lord of the Rings to Signs...horrors will never be the same again not when this sequels are on a roll. Next year comes Scary movie 4.

Not Another Teen Movie

If i wasn't biased against Scary Movie this would take the cake. Lordy! You must have first watched "Cruel Intentions, She's All That, Varsity Blues, American Pie, Road Trip, Bring it On, 10 things I love about...e.t.c
-the secret of not being a geek is getting rid of glasses and a pony tail
-how sad the chick was when reminiscing about her mom's death. "it was a dark night. the rain started pouring heavily and mom was driving to buy us dinner. she couldn't see the road clearly the car started swerving..." ROAD ACCIDENT? "...No, Cancer!"
-you put the 'ism' in this is all just a defense mechanism!
-Bring it! What's it? IT!

Robin Hood:Men in Tights

Oh boy! Oh boy, I laughed through out the whole movie. Remember the tagline
"The legend had it coming... Find out where Robin Hood put his Little John, what made Will Scarlet, and what did Friar Tuck into his tights that Maid Marion all of a quiver?"
This was a Mel Brooks film, he who has done other spoofs like "Dracula Dead and Loving it" with none other than Leslie Nielsen and an old favorite comedy of mine "Blazing Saddles."

From the little guillotines for circumcision/the chastity belt/to poles hitting the camera with an apologetic ooops...this was pure comedy!

Wrongfully Accused

Now who would ever think Leslie Nielsen would ever quit. There was the lesser successful ...but boy he delivered on this one. With a Fugitive storyline-you just have to laugh out loud.

Hot Shots: Part 1 and Deux

There was part one and two. First one was a Top Gun spoof while second one was a Rambo spoof. Arguably, one of the cheapest movies ever-lock me in a jail and leave me with this DVD!!!! I laughed and laughed all through this movie I can't even begin to recup.

Naked Gun:1, 2 1/2, 33 1/3

Now this was my first silly comedy ever. Trust me you don't know comedy till you watch Naked Gun 1-From the files of Police Squad, Naked Gun 2 1/2-The smell of Fear , Naked Gun 33 1/3-The Final Insult


Pure Jim Abraham's also responsible for Airplane the origin of all spoofs,Naked Gun and Hot Shots. This takes a stab at gangster movies such as Godfather, Casino, Goodfellas....
Absolute must must must see! A volley of giggles, I tell you!


THANK YOU ADRIAN for reminding me about this one. I'm ashamed and appaled for having left this beauty out. It's a gem out of the National Lampoon Series. Emilio Estevez and Samuel L Jackson(damn he has come a long way) taking on the roles of Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. It spoofed movies of that time including the killer Basic Instinct spoof with a a transvestite Sharon Stone criss-crossing her legs. Damn pure pure cheap humor!!!!! Emilio Estevez an original member of the 80's Brat Pack along with his brother Charlie Sheen will soon be appearing in a sequel to cheap comedies that are not spoofs!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Jerry Bruckheimer

From the last post i have decided to highlight most of my favorite films to date...and when it comes to action movies, you can never go wrong with JERRY BRUCKHEIMER! Before we go any further I'd like to point out that I'm not saying they are the best movies ever made...but they are movies especially if watched on big screen, should never be missed! His movies are their own genre-settin a standard of their own.

Initially, Jerry worked with his partner Don Simpson before he died from coke overdose. They were mega movie producers behind all-time hits like Beverly Hills Cop, Top Gun,Days of Thunder, American Gigalo, Flash Dance, The Rock, Bad Boys...to name but a few

His movies have catapulted actors into blockbuster stars. Tom Cruise, Eddie Murphy, Nicholas Cage, Will Smith, Josh Hartnett, Ben Afleck, Angelina Jolie, Orlando Bloom all who became stars after appearing in their movies.

However after the death of Simpson, Bruckheimer still proceeded to make movies. As a Producer I believe the end product is as a result of him..and not the director. Cause if you watch many of his movies you can't help but feel a certain Bruckheimer signature..though many debate that that's a Michael Bay's signature..but i still remain adamant-if you watch The Island...u can tell the difference between a movie with Bruckheimer influence.

Infact, I believe he even tried to create more epic movies aiming for the much timed Oscar award, but remained snubbed him for Black Hawk Down, Pearl Harbor, Remember the Titans. His movies haven't all been big budget he has indulged in smaller budget films e.g Coyote Ugly, Dangerous Minds and Veronica Guerin.

Box Office stats are never a good measure for quality of a movie but by golly he has ruled the box office! Not to mention the fact his movies have rakde in over Billions of Dollars! His movies always open at number 1(with exception of Bad Company, King Arthur and Coyote Ugly) and always gross atleast over 100 million in the U.S and atleast 100 million Worldwide-now is that a movie producer or what. His last two Box Office Smash are yielding sequels Pirates of the Carribean2 and National Treasure2 in fact Pirates is already in Pre-production for Pirates 3.

>Ever notice how he works with actors more than once:Ben Afleck(2) , Josh Hartnet(2), Denzel Washington(2), Nicholas Cage(4 soon to be 5), Will Smith(3), Tom Cruise(2), Eddie Murphy(2), Keira Knightley(2)...

>Ever notice how there's always a killer soundtrack song from the movie? which also enjoy the privilige of going staright t o number 1.Most being Grammy nominees or oscar nominees

How Do I live-LeAnn Rhymes:Con Air
Someone to Love-Jon B-Bad Boys
Shy Guy-Diana King-Bad Boys
I Don't want to miss a thing-Aerosmith:Armageddon
Gangster's Paradise-Coolio and the fat guy:Dangerous Minds
There you'll be-Faith Hill: Pearl Harbor.Oscar Nominee
Can't fight the Moonlight:LeAnn Rhymes-Coyote UglyOscar Nominee.
Take My Breath Away-Berlin:Top Gun.Oscar winner
Flash Dance..what a feeling:Flash Dance.Oscar Winner

As i digress a tad, he has also branched out into TV...Most movie producers have anyway Barry Levinson did so with Oz, Brett Ratner with Prison Break..but he is doing exceptionally well with the C.S.I franchise, Without a Trace, Cold Case and Emmy award winning Amazing Race. Of course he is teamed up with other producers..but all the same..they are all Bruckheimer Productions!

Big Big Budget.
Action Packed.
Special Effects that are out of this world(Pearl Harbor and Black Hawk Down won oscars for best sound/best editing).
Extremely Fast Paced. You have got to love this on big screen.
Star Packed.He usually piles on many stars in his movies so for sure you would never go wrong
...so if you hear of a Bruckheimer movie you damn well watch it.

Black Hawk Down

I think this is my favorite Bruckheimer movie directed by Ridley Scott an all time favorite of mine. Excellent and gory!!!!

Pearl Harbor

This was entirely LONG! and that Nuke being dropped as the camera follows it...spectacular. Apparently that bombing sequence is the most expensive sequence ever made. This movie was torn to sshreds by critics but I'm such a sucker for long movies, with a soap like ending. Afleck is assumed dead, Hartnett moves in on his girl, they have a baby, Affleck returns, Hartnett dies, Affleck goes back to his girl raising his best friends kid. Am a sucker!

Pirates of the Carribean

Cammon, who did not love JACK SPARROW with the cheap humor in that movie. Remember that cheap joke how he escaped from the Island by making a raft and tying the twigs with the hair of his back. LMAO!

Con Air

Am not a Nick Cage fan but he sure killed me with this line "Put the bunny down!" and of course Cyrus the Virus played by renowned Jon Malkovich!


I have never accepted Will as a big Movie Star..but him and Martin sure as hell rock in BadBoys..whatu gonna do? and then the sequel which was more of a comedy than an actual flick!


One of my first enjoyable movie experiences...Despite premiering after Deep Impact..this was so much better. Didn't u just love how the story progressed as they teamed up the usual suspects to go up and save the world.

National Treasure

Great Fun!

King Arthur

Actually wasn't that bad..but if u ask me one of his lesser films

Coyote Ugly

Actually a nice chick flick wit a nice soundtrack.


Great! Great!

Remember the Titans

What a feel good movie!

Other movies not highlighted include Enemy of the State, Crimson Tide(excellent i shoulda put it up there) Gone in Sixty Seconds, Kangaroo Jack(his worst movie yet)