Friday, October 09, 2009


The Tato has always has a soft spot for spoof comedies. They are the kryptonite to my funny bones! I have always and will always have a weakness. There is nothing as glorifying and gratifying as appreciating where a joke has come from. Having watched a classic film and then watch it made a mockery out of.

Sure the storyline is fact its just a string to hold random jokes from here and there. But the means justifies the end.

So here is DANCE FLiCK. Think of all those classic and not-so-classic dance movies and you have DANCE FLICK.

Is it funny! Oh yes it is. If you enjoy your Leslie Nielsen/Charlie Sheen/Wayans kind of spoofs then this right here is going to be your cuppa tea with some English muffins at high noon!

The storyline loosely is scipted after 'Save the last dance' and bits of 'Hairspray,' 'Flame,' 'Honey,' 'Step Up,' 'Fame,'...of course the one of the funniest bits for me was the Jennifer Hudson spoof of 'Dreamgirls.' This was the funniest...''...and I am telling you...My tummy's growling''

Kim Wayans in her small cameo role had me laughing cracked up in two...''...these kids don't know how to get LOW!!!'' Marlon Wayan as a psycho loser acting class teacher is hilarious. If only we saw more of Marlon and Shawn. Big brother Keenan was also there.

Damon Wayans Jnr wiggling in his leotard is laugh out loud as you clearly thought it was HER! Priceless!

Some might call the movie a piece of crap. Ametuerish! A waste of celluloid. A sore sight for eyes and ears. But you just don't understand this genre. It's like BRUNO. You have to see the humor. The mediocrity of 'Black Films' is captured quite well with the whole 'Baby Mama and Baby Daddy' theme. It the little things that have gone unsaid that make it all whole lot funny!

Oh and the infamous Camel Toe of Ms Cameltoe...with her beat-boxing with her other cleavage! Thats just nasty! Them prominent lips just stand out begging for attention. Seriously how funny is that!?