Sunday, March 25, 2007

Worst Movies Ever...some of them...

The tato prides himself in being a master of everything big screen and silver screen. The tato prides in the fact that from a preview or even a review he can tell what's worth it and what's not. He prides himself knowing that he will get disappointed when he watches this or that..and he knows when he will be elated...he knows when he is just passing time...he knows what he needs for every mood or occasion. The tato has prided himself in recommending movies and those he recommends to have always been satisfied.

However the tato remains unamused whenever he is wrong. And not that kind of wrong that he should have known better but that kind of wrong that is almost sinful. That kind of wrong that you lie there embarassed and broker and by your tato standards is totally sorry! The kind of wrong where all clues and hints mislead his super skills. When all his criteria is met and shattered from the credits!

The folowling will forever remain etched in my mind...and I'm ashamed for having watched them.Just to name a few!

1.Joshua Tree

Who funds these movies and why? Dolph Lungren and Kristian Alfonso a.k.a that chick from Days of our Lives called Hope.

2.Burn Hollywood Burn


3.Good Shephard

Good Gawd! An all star cast like that... a DeNiro movie... I have never dozed in a movie like this not to mention I wanted to walk out!

4.The Firm

This is the worst adaptation from a novel. The movie was a box office success. I have never figured out why!

5.Artificial Intelligence

What was Spielberg thinking?

6.Drop Dead Gorgeous

Shame on me!

Species II

Seriously what was I thinking, let alone them?!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Flashbacks: White Comedies

After doing black was about time I paid tribute to white comedies of our time. Just to mention but a few...many have been left out...Nurses,Golden Girls, Silver Spoons

Tato will unleash a prize if you can get me pictures of the following. And please note I'm not asking for pictures of the actors/actresses or writer/ with me here...I want a pic of the cast or dvd cover etc...

1. Parker Lewis Can't Lose
2.Baby talk


an alien life form that had a craving for cats!

Perfect Strangers

Bulky and Cossin really had a nice theme:

"sometimes the world look sperfect nothing to rearrange..but sometime u just get a feeling like you need some kind of matter what the odds are this time..nothings gonna stand in my way...."


heh heh we're the monkees...

they did the original "im a believer " song that was trashed in Shrek

Murphy Brown

This woman was tough as steel...poor Dan Quayle did not know who he was messing with.How many secretaries did she fire????
and did that painter elliot ever clear painting her house???

Married with children

nasty! nasty! nasty!

Herman's Head

the four personalities in his head...pure magic!


it had some cheap jokes..some really great cheap jokes.

Family Ties

Michael J. Fox became a star from here so did Justine Bateman

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

More Previews

Cammon, admit it at times you let the preview overwhelm you and take you for a ride. And why shouldn't it, that's what it's for. Previews sell the movie...and after these 3 previews I am sold. Previews try to convince you this is the best movie ever. Usually very brief and well edited...very stingy...very showy...just enough to get you to the theatre.
Yup these did it for me!


It looks gory, graphic, bloody, mythic, gothic, legendary...think Lord of the Ring meets Apocalypto meets Gladiator. The preview is gruesomely awesome!

Live Free or Die Hard

Now this is one action packed preview...think John Woo, think Bruckheimer....This Grandpa is back. Bruce has always been a favorite of mine though of late he has been in some disappointing movies. This franchise has been super and the titles and voice in the voice over have always touched the right nerve with the tato.
Die Hard.
Die Hard...Die Harder.
Die Hard...Die hard with a vengeance
and now Live Hard or Die Hard....

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Now the first movie was a mediocre action flick...took too long establishing the storyline like we already didn't know the plot. The biggest mistake was wasting such a wonderful villain like MR. DOOM. Honestly he should have been saved for SPIDERMAN! But what it lacked in action it so compensated in humor. That flick was laugh out loud hilarious! And I'm excited to see the four return...and cannot wait.