Monday, June 11, 2007

Ocean's Thirteen-The Review

Caught it on premiere night. And I must add that the sound at Junction Nu Metro was appaling to say the least. I has do much syke for this ..probably because of the cast.
All the same the movie was ok. It wasn't the greatest and I think it's cause majority of the jokes had been displayed in the trailer. Ocean's 11 so far remains the best of the three.

Good bits:
-Seeing 2 of my favorite actors share a screen..Brad and Al Pacino
-It was good seeing Andy Garcia and Pacino together since The Godfather
-It was also nice seeing the cast again..especially after Bernie Mac got a 2minute role in Ocean's 12.
-Ellen Berkin is great

I think what sells this movie is the cast and not the script or the plot.

Bad Bits:
-I missed Julia Roberts
-The plot was so obvious and a little weak
-Shame on you Al Pacino for taking that role
-Shame on you Oprah for a cheap cameo

All in all it was a good will laugh and enjoy yourself...but...preferably you had better rent this movie on DVD or wait for it on TV.Nothing to sms home about!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Family Guy

Arguably one of the funniest cartoons of our times. There is so much debate about Family Guy VS The Simpsons. Of course the Simpsons is funny...and is the longest running cartoon of our time...but Family Guy is a GEM! And i hearby state its better than Simpsons!

Word of advice:Borrow this and watch it and love it!

Besides really funny characters the most endearing quality of this show is its involvement with the real world. It spoofs reality...from George Passion of the Zinadine it they have made fun of it. In fact this is the reason why most people don't warm up to the show because they miss majority of the jokes. Each portion is a running gag..a joke within a joke. When they make fun of Michael Douglas' enormous chin as they act out romancing the stone...only a true Tato would get that joke.

And their jokes are way below the belt...totally uncalled for...nasty...and the cursing is phenomenal!

Meg their only daughter is not openly hated and disregarded by the whole family...can you imagine the dad mistaking a monkey for his daughter? Or robbers refusing to rape her even when she presses them to.

then the hayve this styles of telling jokes:
1. They always do imaginary flashbacks taking a joke to another level
2.They at times can prolong a joke way way way longer than it should be told..making it funnier

My favorite characters are:
Peter Stewie

Peter the fat tub of lard...dumb tub of lard...he is just a breath of fresh air
Stewie the evil master mind genius that wants to kill his own mother...and his banters with the Dog are harsh and brutal!