Thursday, November 30, 2006

R rated movies of R time

Dedicated to Patron Saint and Aco who is on the bilaz train. Patron saint had had an R rated encounter of late...

Back in the day this was as close to porn that we could get...the fact that they had running storylines was even all the whole lot greater!


oh yes! what a story line! what a duo!
Douglas had created a niche for himself. The story line was great.
Sharon stone was fabulous and we all remember that famous cris-crossing of her legs.

Grrrr Hrrrr Prrrr

Fatal Attraction

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, a jilted lover demanding strings after a one-night stand. Let no woman come between her not even a BUNNY!

Glen Close at her best!
Douglas again

Nine and a Half Weeks

Kim Bassinger had come a long way


As Gloria Estefan's song said "turn the beat around...turn it upside down...get it get it up right now...the violins are moving to the nitty gritty...guitar scratchin..."

You remember the trailer ...Stallone...Stone...The Specialist

Fair Game

Cindy Crawford and her mole, and William Baldwin=Better believe it equals fair game.

No story line but....


Oh yeah Douglas you thought you had your game till Demi Moore turned the tables...didn't you feel like a piece of meat?!

Go Demi Go Demi Go!

Indecent Proposal

Demi Demi for a million bucks would you sell off your wife?

Woody Harrelson, Demi and a very rich Robert Redford

Monday, November 27, 2006

Desparate Housewives III:1-8

After a disappointing second season, the show has returned fresh as the morning dew! Honestly this season has had some good laughs..Gabrielle is back to her sassy, almost bitchy self. She's always the victor yet the loser at the same time. Her one-line exchanges with her house-maid/surrogate mother of her child. Her feuds with Ricardo as they each try to out-do each other in hurting one another...each other out for the other's neck. Susan as usual has managed to get herself involved with some Brit! Edie's tentacles are sharper than ever. The Scavo's have problems of their own as they deal with Tom's Ex.

New twists:
- Bree's new husband the Dentist(go Dentist) has some sordid dark past intertwined with Mike Delfino who conveniently has retrograde amnesia. Si what happened to his wife? Why did he run over Mike and remember he had a PRISON connection in season 2?
-Now Bree and Orsen are made for each other with their cleanliness idiosyncrancies. Did you see Bree shudder when she had her first orgasm, she rushed to the E.R complaining of shortness of breath and what she described as a mini-stroke! I swear this season is laugh out loud!
-A pedophile has just moved into Wysteria lane.
-Julie is catching some different strokes with the new bad boy-Edie's nephew.
-Edie has moved in on Mike...remember that "carnivore" reference in season 1.
-Orsen's mother, played by Dixie Carter, a great actress remember her
from Differen' Strokes and Ladies' Man?

-Looks like the writers never had any plans of writing in a baby for the Solize's
-Bree's too quiet...or have they run out of storylines for him yet
-The whole Orsen story seems a little re-wound with the whole season one story line...but maybe it has potential.Enough with the murder mysteries...His mother,played by Dixie Carter, a great actress remember her from Differen' Strokes and Ladies' Man?

What makes a great show I always say is the development of good characters...obviously this is well cast show...but the humor is icy! Some serious quotes worth writing down! Worth every second of celluloid!

Summary:Knots Landing meets Melrose Place

Verdict: Season 3 has made up for a bad season 2...hopefully this time the Emmy's will be kind.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Compare and Contrast-Movies:1

As they say in Hollywood you never run out of ideas...then again sometimes good ideas or fresh ideas are realised and before you know it you have similar movies coming out at the same time. Similar especially in story background

This post is dedicated to and requested by Ichiena

So which did you prefer? The movie that I have started with was my better of the two.

A bug's life Vs Antz

A bugs life was just funny!

Saving Private Ryan Vs A thin red line

Without a doubt saving private ryan! Ive said it before i'll say it again!

War genre!

Sixth Sense vs Stir of Echoes

I see dead people! Not a bad flick....neither was Stir of echoes
But Sixth sense came first so...not to mention Bruce Willis was dead the entire!

Supernatural Genre!

Armageddon Vs Deep Impact

Killer soundtrack and Bruckheimer/Bay combo-Armageddon.

Meteor Genre! Earth Run!

Wild Things Vs Cruel Intentions

damn i loved both!

Kinky Genre! Grrrrr! Grrrrr!

LXG Vs HellBoy Superhero genre!

Scream Vs I know What you did last summer

I really enjoyed Scream1-3...not that it was scary but for some reason it gave good entertainment!

Teenage stars in a horror flick!

Underworld Vs Van Helsing

I actually dozed off in Van Helsing...yawn...Underworld 1 and 2 were not so bad.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Best of Sit-Coms


Ten years and it only got better. We loved them. Laughed with them. It boasted with enough super-star guest appearances. I never missed any episode and I probably could recite a few off heart. One of the best sit-coms ever! The depth of each character within the first few episode is what captivated most people

Funny thing is Chandler was my favorite character-he reminds me too much off me, but over time I realized Ross was very underrated…and up to now it arguable if I liked Ross or Chandler more. Phoebe on the other hand wins that place hands down! Oh R.I.P Phoebe and your one-lady guitar songs!

Malcolm in the Middle:

Season one will be my all time best. Never have jokes been delivered in such a manner. Intelligent jokes that hit you a few seconds later!

4boys and whacky parents. Dysfunctional had a new meaning and spelling. Has the best writing for a comedy…spit out/choke out funny!

Of the extras I cherished:

Stevie: The poor medically and physically handicapped best friend- who’s disability was the punch line of any jokes. His parents were also a bag of laughs!

Craig the poor loser assistant that lived with a cat, and pined for LOIS-who could care less if he existed or dropped dead!

Grandma Ida: Gosh this woman was the devil incarnate!

Just Shoot Me:

Raw and Nasty. A publishing magazine…A rich father, a competitive daughter, a womanizing photographer, a cheeky smart-ass assistant, and an ex-super model turned slut! What a cast!

Golden Girls:

An all time classic. Its amazing how such a show survived, in fact some episodes would have just the four of them…and the jokes delivered were lethal.

This was an 80's show that was way ahead of its time!

An overly confident and social slut!
A dumb blonde!
A nasty old mom whose words cut like a knife!
A nasty daughter whose sarcasm compensates for her inept life!


Two Harvard Trained brothers, who happen to be Psychiatrists! Arrogant, rich, elitist snobs! I will admit that this show has high-class humor! Run for a good 11 seasons! It has the record of winning the highest amounts of Emmy’s!


It’s rare to get a comedy that will captivate you in terms of on going story line and the jokes behind. I will admit Season 1 didn’t do much for me...perhaps because I was following it on a weekly basis. But luckily I got DVD’s for season 2-4…and Season 4 seems to be the best ever!

As usual there is the slapstick humor! The nasty one-liners! The cat-fights and bitch-fights! It’s a modern day Ally McBeal meets Just shoot me. Cheap humor with intelligent wit! You never go wrong with such a mix!

Each character is severely flawed, and when you mix them up you get one of the best shows out there! Officially, it has been put on my top ten comedies of all time!

Outstanding feature about the show is the depth at which we know the minor roles like: The Todd, The Janitor, The Lawyer Ted, The assistant nurse Lavern, The incompetent resident Doug, The nasty Ex-Wife-Jordan

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Mrs. Doubtfire

There are comedies that come once in a life, this happens to be one of them. It's probably one of my best white comedies of all time. Each scene is laugh out loud and full of knife cutting remarks that a nanny that age shouldn't utter at all.


The annoying thing in this was seeing Pierce Brosnan in such a small role.

Some of the funniest moments were his/her boobs catching fire. Him at the employment agency with different routines. "BACK OFF !" as he hustled a hustler trying to mug him on the streets.

The subtle unseen middle finger to Pierce Brosnan

Killer Qoutes from this Nasty Nanny

-"Hello Dearie!"

-"Off your Mercedes, dear, you own that big expensive car out there? Oh, dear. Well, they say a man who has to buy a big car like that is trying to compensate for smaller genitals."

-"Sink the sub. Hide the weasel. Park the porpoise. A bit of the old Humpty Dumpty, Little Jack Horny, the Horizontal Mambo, hmm? The Bone Dancer, Rumpleforeskin, Baloney Bop, a bit of the old Cunning Linguistics?"

-"Oh I'm sorry, am I being a little graphic? I'm sorry. Well, I hope you're up for a little competition. She's got a power tool in the bedroom, dear. It's her own personal jackhammer. She could break sidewalk with that thing. She uses it and the lights dim, it's like a prison movie. Amazed she hasn't chipped her teeth."

-"it was the drink that killed him!"
was he an alcoholic?
"No it was the guiness truck that hit him!"

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Season Premiere-Lost III

There is 24...there is HBO drama...and then there is LOST! Hook, line, sinker and boat-that's me!

Finally got the first 4 episodes and I swallowed them whole. What's so glorious about this is the infinte possibilities that the writers can have with the storyline and the characters! The fact each character is a story on there own-past and present-with with the extra mile of intertwining their lives in the past.

The whole "Others" aspect. The whole Island aspect. Enough intrigue to keep you going. There is so much we don't know yet and we're at the mercy of the writers! Dharma Initiative. Supernatural creatures! Electromagnetic forces!

Watch season 3

-New Characters...I totally like Ben the leader of the "others"

-It may look like it's lost its steam, but Lost still has its original appeal.

-So what's with the rumor that Ecko was killed..apparently get a D.U.I charge and your killed in the script ask Ana Lucia...

-Great Show... an obvious must see...Get lost in LOST

Casino Royale-Preview

Fom last year I really wanted to start an anti Daniel Craig campaign-cammon, how the hell do you get rid of PIERCE BROSNAN!!!!!

So last week there I am in the theatre...and I see this preview. WOW! In black and white almost sensual and totally thrilling...the voice quite familiar drawing me closer to the movie in question...there you see Dame Judy Dench and without a doubt realise this is a BOND preview. For a split second...I'm mind has totally turned against me and I'm screaming "MUST WATCH THIS MUST WATCH THIS!!!!!"

and then....BANG! HE appears! Deflation couldn't be a better word to describe...not even that shooting withing that famous 007 circle did anything for me. He will do to this franchise what George Clooney did for Batman. This is the beginning of the end.

Worst thing about this I am still going to watch the movie. Talk about double standards...but Daniel Craig cannot pull James Bond OFF! Heck bring back Timothy Dalton-the worst BOND ever before this...Timothy must be somewhere smiling that his ill-rep is no longer viable!

As Mojo Jojo would say "CURSES! CURSES!"