Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Classics you must watch

This is for you Kaggz and even you too Movie Buff(ed and polished)...finally! But I have a feeling there is a part 1 through 15 for this so lets get this party started right

And for you Aco I've done two posts in two days so there!

So what do these movies have in common:

1:They are great...we're talking abut longer than 2 hours...leaving you feeling like you travelled to another place and time. The tato was leftthoroughly quenched and as the credits rolled...I was left clappin inside

2.The have been nominated for more than one Oscar award or the other.

3.They need to be watched with the lights off...bladder empty and food at an arm's length. If you have company-company better know ain't nothin like pausing!

4. I really like when you have an accumulation of hollywood ego's at there best working with each other. It surpasses being about the star studded cast but the chemistry that each brings with their clout!

Here it goes:

First and foremost we begin with the movies that I had said before have the best endings of all the time forgot to mention The Others


My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next.

...need I say more!

The Insider

Russel Crowe so deserved the oscar for this.
Al Pacino as usual was greatly FANTASTIC!
Michael Mann directed this beautifully!!! shame on you for Miami Vice-Shame. But Heat was also great it should have made the cut here as well..maybe in part 2.

American History X

Edward Norton was on a roll...first came Priamal Fear then came Fight Club and then this! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Schindler's List

Woiye remember that was the only Color in the entire black and white movie. This was brilliant!

Saving Private Ryan.

Best War Movie ever Star Studded shoulda won BEST PICTURE!

(I forgot to mention Black Hawk Down)


Best war movie ever ever before the above. Pure Oliver Stone


Why lie all Oliver Stone movies rock and he so so works well with James Woods (a small by the way) ... but this one with its insinuations takes the cake.

A few Good Men

Jack Nicholson at his best! WOW those lines were a killer. Rob Reiner Rocked!

Tom Cruise and Demi Moore at there finest!

House of Sand and Fog

Really nice!

Sir Ben Kingsley hasn't been this good since Gandhi.


This is what movies are made of!

Apollo 13

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A New season has come

First and foremost Kagz your post is still in the works but this one dedicated to you all the same.


Hooray for 24 for finally winning an Emmy for Best Drama and Best Actor for Keiffer Sutherland it was about GADDAMN time! 24 will forever be my best DRAMA! And now we await the 6th season and a movie as well! GO! GO! GO!

Now let the seasons begin...Aco Smallville and Shield..I'm waiting on those as well. Lost,Wire, Entourage, Grey's Anatomy...hurry hurry lover come to me-rush rush! But to set us of we have Prison Break.


So right now I have caught up on Prison Break Season 2 episode 1...and I'll say it has the makings of a good season. Same intense magic is there and the fast pace that it ended on last season rides on.

His brilliance and super scheming is yet to be unravelled as it becomes evident that he had planned more than just the Prison Break!

And of course some of my favorite characters have returned

I first encountered him in the Bernie Mac Show playing a sadistic catholic priest with an Italian accent...this guy will soon go places

Capt Bellick...has everything in control but for this one time has no idea how he has been duped. He doesn't like being made and ass out off! He is not amused! If you thought Tommy Lee Jones was ruthless hunting down his fugitive you haven't seen nothing yet!

This T-Bag and his accent just make me laugh. With one hand already sliced in a cooler, we have no idea what is up his sleeve!

I miss him terrorising his lil bitches in jail!

These two play villains we love to hate!


Now the patron saint loves this comedy. I think it deserves a 5. We have a highly observant dude who can pick up clues very easily but cons people into believing he is a Psychic. Sure there are some laughs but i find the plot lines lacking. The crime solving tactics are a tad weak...then again this is not C.S.I...but the jokes are not that strong!

For some reason i keep comparing this Black&White best-friends duo to Richard Crenna and James Earl Jones in the much funnier Pros and Cons

However they have some interesting goofs at the end of each show that will have you rolling in stitches.

I am sure you remember Dule Hill who was the in West Wing!

So as the season's begin let's see what lies ahead!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Dead Man's Chest ****

We knew it...we expected it..and it delivered. Yes ye of little patience and endurance it was a long movie...but great movies are usually very long. This is was an adventure/journey why would you want to take short had to be viewed in its entirety. I can't wait to watch it again.

Verdict: Watch it twice! and even worse get Curse of the Black Pearl and relive it! Great! Great! Great!

1. It had an all star-cast.
2. It was very funny.
3. Serious outstanding action.
4. Great Special effects...oh that Krakon rocked!

Remember this is a summer movie and that is what summer movies are made off. And with the movies nowadays it sets up the sequel very well with the return of Captain Barbosa right at the end... You want a rollercoster ride in a summer wanna see money was spent and poured to make this wanna leave the theatre saying "...yes. yes it is well with my soul!"

I usually love Johnny Depp in all his performances cause he is one of the most versatile role-actors. He never plays similar characters like Denzel. And him as the cheeky Jack Sparrow-is the ultimate. You should see him acting as Chief who the villages are about to turn into a meal! Yup see picture below.

But we also have Bill Nighy as Davy Jones and damn he plays this role well. I discovered him in Love Actually and he is actually a good actor!

I loved the whole concept of your heart being broken so much you remove your heart and put it in a chest so that you could actually live hoo

This was a SUPERB MOVIE!

"Would ya sail to de ends of de earth? "
cannot wait for the sequel and it comes out next year with Spiderman3...OH YES!

Those who trash this movie don't know what to look for in a summer movie or in a Bruckheimer movie!

Needless to say Jerry Bruckheimer as usual took this baby home! Its no wonder why already its breaking records...biggest weeekend opening ever...but I know Spiderman 3 will break it next year!