Sunday, December 18, 2005


WOWIE! I'm still recouperating from the audio/visual stimulations that I so eagerly and voluntarily subjected myself too. It sounds like I was punished but that was not the case...I don't think I have seen so much intense action in a movie..just when you thought that was it, there was more and more of that!

Frequently, when it comes to special effects, we are never shown much. I don't know whether it's to do with cost or technology or time or some cheap suspense pulling trick...but this movie's creatures can be compared with giants like Godzilla/Jurassic park/Aliens/Species...but all this can't come close cause this movie was not stingy! Never seen before action sequences that were totally larger than life! There is this one scene where KingKong fights with 3 dinosaurs-there was no cheap, convenient, editing the fighting scenes were naturally raw. There were like 5 other species of dinosaurs and we saw them all and not for a few seconds-up close and personal-nothing was left to the imagination. The went all out! Every nail biting moment was precious! Every increased heart rate was pleasurable...there were creepy crawlies that could make you shiver and run for the nearest exit. In terms of Computer Generated Effects I don't know what movie will ever outdo this.

The screenplay was actually good...cause we basically know the streotyped Beauty and the Beast storyline. However the screenplay produced a different twist to it all and turned a simple story into the movie adventure of the year!

Jack Black gave an awesome performance(remember him starting out small in 'The Jackal' and his head getting shotoff b y Bruce Willis.) Argue as you may but I think he carried this whole movie and cannot wait to see what future roles he may have ahead. Of course Naomi Watts and Adrian Broody were perfect as always.

The action was delayed till halfway through the movie. This wasn't exactly a bad thing, there was more depth to the characters this way. And as I had mentioned the story being weaved was worth the wait. Once they reached to the Skull Island boy oh boy didnt the action begin!!! And the action didn't let go till the credits started rolling!

KingKong-Totally believeable. Great attention to detail. A bad mean as Ape!

Verdict: 8.5/10
Must see, this is what Big-Screen theatres were made for! Unamused it's not been received well at the box office. It's definitely a great movie if only it had opened during summer. This should be a classic in the history of film making.
I'm also glad they did not leave room for a sequel or a prequel-this movie was just enough!