Thursday, December 18, 2008

SCYLLA and Prison Break Season 4

At episode 15, everything seems to have been turned around.
"Not everything is as it seems"

So it appears that Michael had a convenient revelation during his neurosurgery( done under very non-sterile grounds. Hmm Dr. Tencredi should know better than just walking into a theatre in thug-clothes.)... And maybe after all Scylla is a good thing?

Should we fall for the fact that the COMPANY is a good thing? All the evil and murder...

And what was that drug "series" that has been injected into Michael...has he been brainwashed?
And if that procedure was carried out on his mum is she alive?
and what the hell is TOMBSTONE that has Burrows acting as the General's BITCH?!

This season has been excellent, I will admit. SPOILERS:
-It's sad that Bellick got killed. Irony was he sacrificed his life after he was such an ass!
-The comp geek died
-and so did the BLACK bad guy is also dead

Season 4 has been back to back...though at episode 15 we can tell the story is changing. Sucre has called it quits. Alex is on the run again. Lincoln is working for the Company. And Michael recovering from his surgery has a new theory on SCYLLA!

I've really liked Gretchen! She so kicks ass.

T-Bag a.k.a Cole Pfeiffer has not disappointed so far!

Michael Rappaport is also wonderful as DON SELF!