Monday, November 09, 2009

Brothers and Sisters Review

This show is as wholesome as christmas pudding. It's about the chemistry behind family. The humor, the gossip, the secrets and everything dysfunctional that comprise of normalcy in any family.

Simple and straight to the point. Family dynamics as honest and accurate as it gets. Sometimes a little too monotonous with their family values...but this is tv after all!

One would argue that maybe these are stories that we have seen before. That it is a recycled version of great shows like ''Picket Fences,'' ''Sisters,'' ''Life Goes On,'' ''Six Feet Under'' and even ''7th Heaven.'' Well those were all shows that centered solely around family and hence the reason for any comparison. But the chemistry within this show in terms of characters and writing is wholesome. This is a feel good show. It tackles all aspects of life with an interesting twist. Yes you have seen infidelity over and over. There is now a cancer angle like we saw on Sisters. But if you have ever loved or liked the above shows then this you will automatically love.

The cast is powerful.
Oscar award winning (and now Emmy winning) Sally Field is the matriach of the family. Enter Calista Flockhart (Ally McBeal), Rachel Griffiths (a superb actress from the superb Six Feet Under), Rob Lowe (West Wing), Ron Rifkin (Alias...boy he was a superb villain), Patricia Wettig (Prison Break V.P)... and numerous guest appearances

Coupled with good writing. This is your modern day family drama. Where you need to watch family drama and humor...this is your show! There is something warm about this show. It's a feel good show!


EK13 said...

Havent had the chance to watch this series! Perhaps I should.

Get a hold of Kings...would really like to read your review of this series that was cancelled after season one.

Glad you are back!

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Anonymous said...

Really like Brothers and Sisters, think its some of the best writing on television.Also a big NBC fan, particularly looking forward to that new show they've been advertising all over the Olympics--Minute to Win IT.

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