Wednesday, December 23, 2009


A review is a hard thing to do when you want to do a movie justice. This movie is a superb and grandiose display of outstanding audio and visual effects. It’s almost like a bragging rights exclusive to James Cameron daring other directors to bring it! The story line is not too complex with a few loopholes here and there, however, the concept itself is out of this world. Think of the mystery and the awesomeness that we obtained as we flew into Jurassic Park. Think of the raw graphic effects that King Kong had. Think of the primitive tribes, culture and world we adored in Apocalypto. Think of the imaginary prowess that George Lucas created in Star Wars. The cinematography is exquisitely real and one could dare to compare this epic enjoyable journey to that of Lord of the Rings and Troy. The creatures outdo themselves at no point do you feel ‘’blue-screen’’ like I did in 2012. Clearly James Cameron has written and directed a classic of Titanic proportions. But that has been his style-pushing the envelope and doing things GRAND! Clearly it’s the same person who tackled Aliens and Terminator, he has mastered the sci-fi genre with finesse and machismo.

Big Budget! Big C-G-I’s. Low-key cast except for Sigourney Weaver and Giovanni Ribisi.

Watch it. Look out for the message of man destroying mother-earth for a quick buck. (Cue Michael Jackson’s Earth Song!)

It’s larger than life and is a must see! The sound and visuals are the most compelling thing about the movie.

Immerse yourself into this world! Lose yourself for the entire movie duration!


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Avatar really amazing movie. Wonderful graphics. Thanks for share good review.

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